At SoCO Smiles Orthodontics, we know that creating beautiful aesthetics and dazzling smiles is anything but superficial. Having a healthy smile is just the first step to looking in the mirror and feeling a rush of pride that accompanies improved confidence. You deserve to benefit from the best technology and orthodontics have to offer, and, luckily, our office has made sure you have access to this quality care. Our team is not only highly skilled but highly personable, each of us wanting to get to know your smile goals and how we can use our advanced techniques to get you there. If you are looking for a transformation, we have the perfect path for you.

Don’t let facial wrinkles put a wrinkle in your self-confidence. Receiving Botox injections can bring back some of the youthful energy you feel on the inside and showcase it on the outside. This treatment is useful for lessening wrinkles in the forehead, in between your eyes, and more. These injections deliver natural effects that result in smooth, scar-free skin.

Botox is a protein used in small doses within specific muscles to weaken them so that they can no longer wrinkly the skin. As the muscle relaxes, the skin on top of them is able to smooth out and lose its wrinkled appearance. These effects typically last for four to five months.

Botox can also be used to treat TMJ/TMD disorders as well. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, and it connects the jawbone to the skull. When you have a TMJ disorder, it can make the use of your jaw difficult and cause pain during normal activities such as speaking and chewing.

Minor cases of this disorder can be eased by taking special care of your jaw by eating softer foods, limiting movement, and even receiving Botox injections. If your TMJ disorder is more severe, you may need orthodontic treatment or botox to help correct tooth placement and fix your misaligned jaw. This will reduce tension, eliminate discomfort, and give you a beautiful smile in the process.