Check out what patients are saying about SoCO Smiles Orthodontics!

Brooke B.
17:54 01 Sep 23
staff was super accommodating and friendly!!
L&S F.
21:02 31 Aug 23
I loved everything about soco they have the best care and they worked so good with me i love my smile so much!!
Danielle M
20:55 31 Aug 23
Both of my kiddos have been patients here for over two years. Every time I’m in the staff is polite and helpful, the office is exceptionally clean also!The doctors spend time explaining everything to me and ensure that I understand/ and my kids too. Dr F os so kind and helpful I really appreciate the staff and have always had a great experience at this office! Highly recommend coming in of you are in need of any orthodontic services.
kristin S.
07:59 31 Aug 23
This place is beyond amazing. The staff are friendly and Dr. Kofford is seriously the best!!! My daughter had her braces 3 years and got them off today 8/30/2023 and they are perfect. We are really sad to be leaving. Bitter sweet you can say haha but the staff and Dr are extremely detailed with any questions you may have. You won't regret going here I promise!!!
Ant H.
22:46 29 Aug 23
Our first visit to this orthodontist was very nice. The Dr and staff were very friendly and informative. The office was clean. The music was a little loud, but it was good music.i highly recommend this office to anyone needing orthodontic care.
Shannon B.
21:54 22 Aug 23
Dr Font is AMAZING! The quality of care throughout the appointment was phenomenal she was so professional in the care of my teeth! Very caring staff and personable. Ryan made my retainer in under 10 min left the same day with my new retainer!
Alyese P.
20:37 17 Aug 23
This office is great. They helped me get my teeth back straight even after I distorted my retainer by grinding and biting. They also have a really good retainer plan for people who tend to loose them or break them. Dr.Font is an amazing ortho she is caring and understanding.
Goddess I.
22:58 11 Aug 23
My nurse Karina and Doctor Font are amazing! Overall SoCo Smiles works with me and my schedule and they make it a point to get to know me and what I want for my smile, love my journey with they so far!
Goddess I.
22:55 11 Aug 23
My nurse Karina and Doctor Font are amazing! Overall SoCo Smiles works with me and my schedule and they make it a point to get to know me and what I want for my smile, love my journey with they so far!
Sarah S.
22:16 08 Aug 23
I had a great experience! They were friendly, helpful and made my smile look amazing!
Tabetha C.
21:14 14 Jun 23
The Best Orthodontist in Colorado Springs!!
Veronica H.
17:41 21 Apr 23
Both of my kids have gone through braces with Dr. Kofford. Both had lots of issues especially my son! He did NOT wear his retainer and his teeth have shifted! So now we are going to do invisaliners on top and clear braces on the bottom. My son was so unhappy about having to do braces again! Dr. Kofford was so great with him and made him feel better about having to put braces back on, he even suggested the clear brackets.If your child needs braces I would highly recommend SOCO orthodontics and Dr. Kofford!
silent B.
15:08 24 Mar 23
Awesome experience! -Thank you to Dr.Kofford and the amazing staff at Soco Smiles Pueblo. The braces I received were comfortable, stylish, and did wonders for my smile! 100/10 would recommend anyone looking for friendly, professional, and fun orthodontic services to highly consider Soco Smiles. This was an amazing experience for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
22:29 20 Mar 23
So kind and caring, some even know me by name and I am always taken care of even if I have an emergency they are able to see me same day!
Melissa W.
21:54 16 Mar 23
Everyone is so great! They are friendly and put you at ease. I’m thankful my dentist referred me to SoCo Smiles!
Trey C.
20:09 13 Mar 23
Great staff, all with happy to help attitudes. If you can, get Alexis, she is amazing
Steffanie T.
18:06 27 Feb 23
Soco smiles is such a great place for Ortho care. My daughter and I both had braces and I can say the experience was great the staff is well knowledgeable. Doctor Kofford was very honest and thorough with his treatment plan for the both of us.
Gonzalo Mendoza L.
00:59 29 Dec 22
Good doctors very clean and quick. My dentist Karina was the best. Really gentle. Her kind personality made the dentist visit fun and safe.
Sarah K.
19:28 07 Dec 22
Five stars isn't enough, I would give them Ten if I could. I have never met such a kind office staff! Everyone from the lovely ladies in the front, to every one of the staff that worked on me in the back. They got me in right away, with little to no wait. Dr. Kofford is hands down the most compassionate, attentive and friendly doctor I have ever seen! Not only did they recognize my anxiety being there, but they worked with me to explain everything in detail to help put me at ease. They reassured me that the worries I had were acknowledged and were factored in to my treatment plan. Definitely the place to go!
Sarah K.
19:28 07 Dec 22
Five stars isn't enough, I would give them Ten if I could. I have never met such a kind office staff! Everyone from the lovely ladies in the front, to every one of the staff that worked on me in the back. They got me in right away, with little to no wait. Dr. Kofford is hands down the most compassionate, attentive and friendly doctor I have ever seen! Not only did they recognize my anxiety being there, but they worked with me to explain everything in detail to help put me at ease. They reassured me that the worries I had were acknowledged and were factored in to my treatment plan. Definitely the place to go!
Jillian A.
18:38 16 Nov 22
We’ve been given the best care from Dr. Kofford at SoCo Smiles! I’ve been impressed by the state of the art technology and individualized treatment plans tailored to getting the best results my kids desperately need and even the fine tuning I’ve wanted to do for years! We don’t feel like patients, we feel like family when we visit due to the friendly staff and attentive doctor. Ease of scheduling, caring assistants, and very qualified doctor and lab techs have helped us have a smooth experience with getting great smiles. I couldn’t thank Dr. Kofford enough and I highly recommend SoCo smiles.
Sarah K.
21:53 11 Nov 22
Five stars isn't enough, I would give them Ten if I could. I have never met such a kind office staff! Everyone from the lovely ladies in the front, to every one of the staff that worked on me in the back. They got me in right away, with little to no wait. Dr. Kofford is hands down the most compassionate, attentive and friendly doctor I have ever seen! Not only did they recognize my anxiety being there, but they worked with me to explain everything in detail to help put me at ease. They reassured me that the worries I had were acknowledged and were factored in to my treatment plan. Definitely the place to go!
Lachelle D.
15:12 24 Oct 22
SOCO Smiles is awesome! We had a fantastic experience. The office staff is friendly, Dr. K is awesome, and my daughter's teeth look great!
Jeff S.
19:26 22 Oct 22
Wonderful place for orthodontist care. Always helpful and caring for my kids.
Tam G.
17:35 18 Oct 22
Was a great experience staff kids every thing was 100 % as advertised. Trust me this was my 4th kid though so I smiles I would not go anywhere else. Thank you all.
Nev B
17:34 05 Oct 22
The staff is always very friendly and nice and Dr. Kofford makes sure that my teeth are comfortable and look good! I’m very happy with the results! Thank you guys!
Deb M.
16:27 29 Sep 22
Dr Kofford and staff have gone above and beyond to work with me after transferring from my orthodontist in Wyoming in the spring! The staff has always been courteous and professional to make the total experience seemless and I am very satisfied!
yah Y.
20:48 28 Sep 22
I loved this orthodontist they were so nice and helpful
Elyse F.
14:39 22 Sep 22
We had 4 boys at SoCo Smiles! Everything was wonderful! The two boys who needed help received dramatic results in a small span of time and the the other two boys were told to wait. Honest, kind, and complete care. We truly enjoyed our visits! Thanks so much!
Sam G.
22:55 27 Aug 22
SOCO took very good care of our daughter and did a great job. We would recommend them to anyone who needs braces.
Dallas M.
23:33 21 Jul 22
Wowwww- it’s been a long relationship with this office since I started treatment right before Covid closures. Dr. K has been nothing short of amazing with accommodating my hectic schedule and special attention I needed after getting into a accident that cause 3 jaw fractures. Finally got my braces off today and am so happy with my new smile! Super grateful for this office helping me achieve my goals with smile and recommend them to everyone! 💕🙏🏼
Francisco P.
21:45 06 Jun 22
Coming in and seeing Elizabeth it’s always great the way the customer service is and everybody in there is wonderful I would highly recommend coming here they treat you like you’re their only patient and it’s always nice knowing that they will always take care of you with any pain and any such ordeal that you have with your braces hundred percent 10 out of 10 would recommend great job guys
Kathy C.
22:09 02 Jun 22
Elizabeth was so friendly even when we were 30 minutes late due to going to the wrong office.
guh S.
16:30 05 May 22
so wonderrful i love how friendly everyone is !!! they are the best
Lucky B.
18:57 29 Mar 22
Apparently the Scarborough location is NOT open on Tuesdays. Google says it is. Please fix this incorrect info.Great staff and clean office. Ashley is wonderful. Always smiling and kind.
02:09 09 Feb 22
Best orthodontist ever!! I am so happy that I can have an amazing smile thanks to Dr Kofford and SoCo Smiles! Thank you for the amazing experience!
02:05 09 Feb 22
Best orthodontist ever! I love my new smile! Thanks Dr Kofford and SoCO Smiles.
Ashley B.
22:44 23 Jan 22
This team is an amazing group of people!!!! They work as a team to make the dream work which makes them unstoppable….
Jessica P.
15:07 07 Jan 22
First off the staff is extremely friendly and personable Elizabeth is the perfect front desk clerk with her outstanding personality.I shopped around finding the best prices Soco offers financing and the prices are more than reasonable.
taylor S.
06:41 07 Jan 22
Dr. K is awesome and good at what he does!
Jasmine R.
17:12 19 Nov 21
All of my kids look forward to their turn for braces and part of that is due to the GREAT staff at SOCO Smiles.
Shauniely T.
17:09 17 Nov 21
Great experience! My teeth started off very crooked and now they are perfectly straight. The staff was very kind and helpful and my appointments were always quick.
Wendy A.
03:03 16 Oct 21
The staff is super friendly and the facility is clean. We are always seen in a timely manner and the appointment usually only lasts 15-30 minutes. Highly recommend soco smiles orthodontics for all your smile needs!
Vicki G.
17:57 29 Sep 21
I needed a quik help & they were there for Me.Thank~you !
Jaimee S.
03:28 15 Sep 21
Dr K and his staff made the process painless and easy. One of the best decisions was choosing SoCO Smiles to transform my smile!
Jessica W.
22:00 26 Aug 21
I have always loved to smile but hated MY smile. At 44 (and 10 months) I made an appointment for a consultation for braces. I literally cried, tears of joy, after leaving my consultation with braces. When I said I would do it today, they made it happen! I am so happy I finally am able to do this for my self. The payment plan is affordable and convenient. Every one I have interacted with has been super friendly and helpful. Dr Tetyana is amazing. I feel like I am in good hands with her and her team. I can’t wait to see the final results!
Natalie N.
03:14 10 Aug 21
SoCo Smiles is the best Ortho office in the Springs! They offer many different options for braces which make is easy for anyone to be able to pick a plan that works for their lifestyle. Super great staff! Love this place!
Kevin E.
00:05 28 Jul 21
Great group of professionals that took very good care of my daughter. They were helpful and made sure we new the timeline and her progress.
Diana P.
18:39 25 Jul 21
My son was transfered here from a retiring orthodontist. No issues to date. Location is very convenient.
Alexis R.
21:57 22 Jul 21
I had an amazing experience with SoCO smiles! Getting my payment plan set up was quick and easy so I could get my treatment started! So happy with my teeth now. Drs are AMAZING and I’m so glad I worked with them to get my perfect smile!
Jolene T.
20:53 20 Jul 21
The staff is awesome! They are very nice and patient! They give everyone quality service!
Angie J.
22:04 13 Jul 21
My daughter was looking for the perfect fit for an Orthodontist. We went to several and realized very quickly that Dr. Tanya and staff at SoCo Smiles was the perfect match! Not only is Dr. Tanya the most patient, kind, wise with treatment, gentle, and thorough with explanation, she helped my daughter and I feel like family. I also adored the hygienists and up front staff. Gabby up front receptionist was so friendly and pleasant and now Cam has taken on that role. We have been so happy with the results of my daughters orthodontic care. We hope more people take the opportunity to choose SoCO Smiles.
Karyn P.
20:09 02 Jun 21
My daughters teeth look wonderful! Thanks for all the time and expertise.
Olivia R.
16:08 21 May 21
Great experience! My teeth started off very crooked and now they are perfectly straight. The staff was very kind and helpful and my appointments were always quick. Appreciated that they started with the top braces and put the bottoms on later to help my teeth adjust.
Alexandria B.
14:19 21 May 21
Great experience overall! Super friendly and accommodating staff. Taking our braces off today and can’t wait to see that beautiful smile.
Dallas D.
21:06 20 May 21
When I started my braces I was with Dr. Horne and he was really nice and knew he stuff. Half way through Dr. Korchynskyy took over and she took one look at my teeth and said, "Don't worry, I will take care of you." I am a paraplegic and wasn't treated any different. There was always a warm welcome when I came in, nothing but polite beautiful women. Don't think I can come up with one complaint if I tried.
Brooke D.
01:33 05 May 21
My son, my daughter and I are all currently being treated by SoCo Smiles. The entire staff is fantastic! They accommodate our hectic schedule and everyone who works there is friendly and professional. They greet us by name when we walk in the door and they always remember details about us that help us realize that they care about us on a personal level. When I asked around for ortho recommendations, multiple people recommended SoCo and everyone had wonderful things to say. We agree with all of the positive recommendations!
Michelle H.
20:55 04 May 21
Our entire experience with SoCo Smiles has been so peaceful and - honestly - enjoyable! From first call, to consultation and now treatment, we have been treated so warmly. The entire team has put both the patient (our teenager) and the parents completely at ease!We have three more kids to put through braces and we know who we will return to. We will be definite repeat customers!
Katrina S.
15:30 04 May 21
Really awesome orthodontist office. I used Comfort Dental for my niece and they charged extra for the retainers and little things here and there. With Dr. Kofford, the price they quote you is the price you pay. They work with you on payments and make everything easy and comfortable. I will be using them again for my kids that want braces.
Alegra S.
21:33 29 Apr 21
My son has been receiving treatment for a couple of years now and has always had a great experience each appointment. The staff are super friendly and the Doctors are always professional and make sure to explain every part of the treatment thoroughly. The atmosphere is always welcoming and I would recommend SoCo smiles to everyone (adult and kids) wanting a great treatment experience!
Donald L.
23:10 27 Apr 21
Both of my sons received their braces from Apple/SOCO Smiles. We never had a problem or any issues. The staff is accommodating and always professional. I would recommend them.
Samantha R.
16:13 25 Apr 21
This team is great. Have 2 kids getting taken care of here, one in phase 1 with braces one in phase 2 with invisalign. Visits are always prompt and timely, the staff is friendly and courteous and professional. Highly recommend.
Janet M.
20:25 24 Apr 21
Vary friendly staff, the office is very clean. I would definitely recommend to others.
Valarie D.
17:12 22 Apr 21
Dr. Kofford and staff are and have been amazing for over 6 years! Love going in here, feels like family.
J L.
16:26 21 Apr 21
You will never find a better orthodontics office! Every last member of the staff is knowledgeable, friendly, sweet and well-trained. I’ve also never seen an office run so optimally and it’s employees work so well together, having fun, aiding one another, changing roles and all without any egos. Your visits really do feel like you’re just going there to catch up with old friends. In addition: the equipment is brand new and immaculate, the spaces are more like a spa than an orthodontics office and they do incredible and fast work. What else could you possibly hope for?
Gaby G.
20:44 20 Apr 21
SoCo Smiles is so accommodating all around. They’ve worked with my schedule, me personally and go above and beyond for their staff and patients. When this practice was taken over from Dr. Horne it was a smooth transition and even better than expected. They pay attention to detail like it’s nobody’s business and I enjoy coming to my orthodontist appointments to see everyone! I hope everyone has a fantastic experience always like I have 🤗
Tanya B.
18:10 19 Apr 21
We had a wonderful experience here. The whole staff is so friendly and sweet. Would definitely recommend!
Diana A.
18:03 19 Apr 21
Dr. Kofford and the other associates at this clinic are amazing. They are friendly while very thorough and competent at their work. Dr. Kofford has made time to squeeze me in to take care of improving my comfort with my braces and to take care of normal wear and tear of devices. He is the kindest caregiver. He also takes care of my kids and their braces. He is so fun and always makes them feel at ease. I would 100% recommend this practice to anyone needing orthodontic work!
Eric K.
14:36 14 Apr 21
The staff at SoCO Smiles Orthodontist is amazing. I truly believe that perfection is what they all strive for each and everyday. The front desk staff is as knowledgeable as all the great doctors and assistants. If you are looking for a great Orthodontist... Well you have found it at SoCO Smiles off of Powers and Research.
Destiney P.
16:19 06 Apr 21
Such an inviting, friendly, and trustworthy office ! All the staff was so nice and prompt on explaining everything I needed to know! I can’t wait to get my dream smile with SoCo Smiles!!!
14:42 19 Mar 21
Our experience with SoCO Smiles has been wonderful. The staff is always extremely helpful and accomodating, no matter the situation. We're always treated with the utmost respect and patience, and my daughter's teeth have never looked better. Thank you all so much for helping us navigate the braces process!
Evelyn C.
02:07 19 Mar 21
Soco Smiles has been the best orthodontics. it was an easy in-n-out appointment whenever I went in. They are really specific on explaining what they are to do next. They also treat you really kindly and it is the best experience. The workers have been really nice and had shown guidance on what is next to happen. Even though somethings have changed since COVID, but they have worked their way around it and made sure that everything was to work out to everyone’s schedule. At Soco, it has been the easiest and humble experience.
Leo X.
22:12 11 Mar 21
Extremely professional and accommodating staff. Dr. Kofford, Dr. Korchynskyy, and their entire team of technicians are second to none and represent the best in southern Colorado.
brooke M.
18:15 11 Mar 21
I had a great experience, Alexis was very kind and fun. I was very welcomed and had a great time! 🙂
Bo M.
18:15 11 Mar 21
Felt very welcome, Alexis gave great service
Kaliya B.
23:40 08 Mar 21
I have a son and a daughter who have received orthodontic treatment through Soco Smiles. They are honest, patient, and knowledgeable. I appreciate all they have done for my kiddos. They have great teeth and smiles.
Aaron A.
18:39 08 Mar 21
I have been receiving ortho treatment with Dr. Korchynskyy for a few months now and strongly recommend her. I have jumped orthodontists 3 times and none of the previous doctors were as thorough or precise as she is.She keeps her work very honest and extremely professional. The receptionists are incredibly nice and easy to talk with. Overall, SoCO Smiles is by far the best for orthodontia services and friendliness. No complaints!
Nicole Gonzales (.
22:13 23 Feb 21
SoCo Smiles is wonderful. Everyone is kind and even my nervous kiddo left happy.
Thomas S.
01:29 17 Feb 21
What a great experience. All the staff are fantastic!!! Always put my son at ease. Meticulous work to perfection. Flexible with changing appointments to my changing schedule. Always professional and transparent. Competitive prices. Highly recommend them!
the C.
02:39 16 Feb 21
We absolutely love this office and the people that work there. It all begins with being greeted by the nicest receptionist. She’s always in good spirits and very friendly. She sets the vibe for the rest of the office. We couldn’t be happier with the care we received there.I would recommend SoCo Smiles to anyone that is in need. Thanks for making this experience easy and as enjoyable as getting braces can be.
Dianemarie V.
17:58 12 Feb 21
So happy for the retreatment that my son received. Dr Kofford provided excellent Orthodontist service to my son. He is really knowledgeable and kind. Thanks SoCO Smiles for make my son smile again. In addition Thanks to all the staff for your excellent service and kindness. I highly recommend SoCO Smiles.Dianemarie Vega
Lindia F.
20:56 28 Jan 21
I really loved my experience at SOCO! They gave me a realistic timeframe and made sure that everything was done correctly! They were in constant communication with my restorative dentist making sure that they were aware of any changes that needed to be made! My smile is beautiful! I feel beautiful! Thank you SOCO LOVING MY SMILE
S R.
21:55 04 Jan 21
SoCo Smiles did a great job- my daughter's smile is beautiful! The staff was always very friendly and had a genuine desire to make sure everything was perfect!
Alexander H
19:59 17 Dec 20
Fantastic people, who take great care of their patience.
Mike O.
17:01 16 Dec 20
Great staff!!!! Friendly, helpful, and welcoming. My dentist even loves them. My dentist is so happy with what SoCo is doing with my teeth. SoCo was even nice enough to take out my wires before my dentist cleaning.
Makiah P.
22:01 10 Dec 20
I over all recommend soco smiles for any and all orthodonist needs! They’re fast and friendly and they accommodate to your schedule making them a convenient orthodonist. Rescheduling an appointment is easy, they are go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied! Such an enjoyable team to be around! 10/10 the right orthodonist they care about each and every patient.
Summer G.
18:52 10 Dec 20
I’ve had a really good experience at Kofford Orthodontics. The whole staff has been kind and helpful. The assistants have always been conversational and have made me feel comfortable. The office even donated to my dance team’s fundraiser! They have also taken measures to keep the staff and patients safe from COVID-19, which I really appreciate. I highly recommend Dr. Kofford!
Misha M.
22:29 09 Dec 20
Amazing staff, we have been going to this office for a year and a half and have always been treated well the orthodontist is very friendly and she never hesitates to answer any questions or concerns that we have had along the way the whole staff is very personable. My daughters teeth look great.
Victoria S.
02:02 25 Nov 20
The office is always clean and kept professional, and check-in's are always quick and seamless.In addition, all of the staff and technicians have been pleasant, helpful, and freindly.Dr. K and Dr. Tanya are fantastic. I absolutely trust the doctors here with my braces journey!
Jaime C.
23:15 23 Nov 20
After writing this I would like to appoligize Dr Cofford came to my job and appoligized and made thing good. Thank you Doctor
Pol H
02:49 18 Nov 20
Everyone was incredibly nice and it made it a fantastic experience.
Tiffany D.
15:21 05 Nov 20
Dr K is great at what he does. I am so pleased with my daughters smile, and now have two more on their way! We are very happy with SoCo smiles!
Mike & Tammy S
16:58 30 Oct 20
Dr. Kofford took the time to listen to us and get to know our family and our needs. The staff is friendly and attentive. Dr. Kofford has taken time to see us in emergencies even when it was late in the evening.
Danielle B.
14:44 20 Oct 20
Just started the process with both of my girls and we couldn’t be happier with the experience! Our girls love ALL the staff here. They are amazing with kids and I would recommend SoCo Smiles Orthodontics to everyone!
Amy N.
02:37 20 Oct 20
My dentist and several friends in the area recommended SoCo Smiles (previously known as Apple Orthodontics). We moved to area in the middle of my daughter's orthodontic treatment and needed to continue her orthodontic plan. Dr. Kofford was able to pick up where a previous orthodontist left off. My daughter just got her braces off last week and we couldn't be happier with the results. Both Dr. Kofford and Dr. Korchynskyy were determined to make her smile perfect - and they did. The office is clean, staff is friendly, and making/changing appointments is easy. I have two more kids to put through braces and will be choosing SoCo Smiles for their treatments as well.
Alexandria T.
17:37 19 Oct 20
SoCo smiles did an amazing job on my son's teeth and the staff where always so kind with us I would definitely recommend them to anyone thank you SoCo smiles for your amazing job!!!!
Niah H.
22:21 10 Oct 20
The staff here is absolutely amazing! Everyone is so friendly and also doing their best to meet needs. They take the time to get to know their clients and built relationships. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone. I had a great experience.
Deneen W.
02:24 27 Sep 20
I had the best experience at So Co Smiles that I have ever had in my whole life at a dentist... The knowelege of the Dr's and the staff was so amazing. I found out stuff about my teeth and my jaw and my smile I never knew... I'm definitely going back...
Gavin W.
08:48 09 Sep 20
They are always extremely nice and welcoming when you come in, as well as being flexible with your hours,Recommended
Olivia Y.
17:07 08 Sep 20
I've been going to SoCo Smiles for the past three years and they have been the absolute best! All the doctors and staff are very skilled at their jobs and they always make me feel welcome. If you have any doubts about where to go for braces, I highly recommend this place.
LiliMarie A.
16:55 19 Aug 20
I've had such a great experience with SoCo Smiles Orthodontics. Every time I've gone in or needed to make an appointment they have been so great! I moved here about three years ago needing to continue my journey with braces and they made it a seamless transition! 10/10 recommend this place!!
Angelo S.
12:27 05 Aug 20
I Came To SoCo For One Thing And One Thing Only!!! I Wanted A Smile. A Smile That Will Light Up The Room World, People's Hearts As Well. My Gaps Are What Make Me Me... I've Always Wanted To Invest In My Smile. Now That The Opportunity Has Presented Itself. I Took Advantage Of It. Wish Me Luck On My Journey To Straighter Teeth Longer Laughs and A Confidant Man.
Annette I.
02:59 01 Aug 20
I've had braces twice, but I had to keep stopping my treatment for deployments and PCS (military). I went in for a consultation with Dr. Korchynskyy and was impressed. I've two orthodontist tell me that I "need" a tooth removed however, Dr. Korchynskyy had a solution for my "problem tooth" and her solution was immensely cost efficient and quicker. Not mention my first orthodontist kept me on a treatment plan that was uneccesarily extended and costed me more (my second orthodontist caught that) .Right when she told me I only need six months and had a more efficient solution for my problem tooth I said "Sign me up". Highly suggest this office and Dr. Korchynskyy !
Anikka H.
16:43 23 Jul 20
SoCo Smiles was so amazing! I called them after getting my braces off 7 years ago and told them I needed to get my tooth reshaped and that I needed a new retainer. I told them I was leaving in 2 days and they got me in 1 hour after I called.The lady looked at my teeth and I told her I just wanted the front two teeth and she said “I am going to make these perfect” and she did! I was so happy with my experience there.
Donald C.
20:47 29 Jun 20
The staff was very helpful and caring. The dentist called the next day to check on how my grandson was feeling. Reccomend then highly.
Amber K.
00:36 20 Jun 20
Super friendly staff! Their rewards program for the kids are fun. My daughter teeth are looking amazing. Great pricing and willing to work with you. THANKS SOCO!!
Lyana C.
16:48 27 May 20
A pleasant experience, everybody working is so friendly
Jen M.
18:30 27 Mar 20
If you want the best smile that will last you the rest of your life because Dr.Kofford is so thorough and will do the best job you'll find, then you're coming to the right place! He does it right the first time! The staff are professional and personable and you'll feel like you're being treated as they would treat their own family members when you come to the office. They definitely go the extra mile🙂👍👍
Aude M.
18:04 27 Mar 20
Professionalism and kindness all together! I highly recommend this place!
Suzanne R.
18:02 27 Mar 20
Seriously, Dr. Kofford and his amazing staff are so skilled at what they do! They go above and beyond, even taking the extra time needed to make things just right! I love how they make me feel unique, not like another number.
Annette L.
21:50 19 Feb 20
Dr. Kofford and his staff have made my grandchildren very comfortable in all visits. The parents appreciate the good results from the various treatments, plus the easy financing (3 kiddos at once!). As Grandma, I furnish transportation to/from each visit and am so glad for the convenience of a Canon City office. Having the word "Smiles" in the name is more than appropriate as (1) they are creating the opportunity for beautiful smiles for their patients and (2) this group of professionals always greeted us with their own friendly smiles! SoCO Smiles Orthodontics is a remarkable group of professionals.
Lisa R.
20:53 22 Jan 20
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Kofford & his staff!!! Friendly, knowledgeable and conveniently located near Cañon City schools with the option to go to Pueblo too if needed. They are awesome with patients of all ages and accommodating in every way. They even offer a discount if more than one person in the family is in braces at the same time!!!! We had an awesome experience & highly recommend Soco Smiles!!!
Halie M.
20:19 10 Jan 20
There aren’t enough good things to say about this office. Every single time I go in, they are incredibly professional, kind, and gentle The assistants are top notch, and Dr. Kofford is amazing. He is a master at what he does. I got my braces off ahead of schedule and the results are amazing. I could not be happier.
B H.
02:16 08 Jan 20
Dr. Kofford and his staff are outstanding!! From the day I went in for a consult, to thw day I got my braces off, I was always impressed. They always educated me in every step of treatment, and always answered my questions. His assistants are all very knowledgeable and kind, aswell as his front desk. They offer reasonable appointments and always got me in quickly after a few bad decisions and a few broken brackets (because lets be honest, brackets dont JUST keep breaking). They are always professional and kind. I would recommend SOCO smiles to anyone seeking a straight beautiful smile.
Liisa P.
19:43 07 Jan 20
We love Dr Kofford. He's treated all of my kids and we've had a great experience. We feel like he and his staff have always been friendly and professional.
Nicole M.
19:40 07 Jan 20
I did my research before going here and this was the only place with nothing but great things said and 5 stars!!! I am beyond happy and satisfied with the way Dr. Kofford is towards me and seeing him with others he is outstanding! Him and his staff always greats people with smiles and great attitudes! I have never walked into their office in Cañon City or Pueblo and not walked out happy! There team is the best! I am so happy I have chosen SoCo Smiles, I would refer anyone to come to him, he has made my teeth move more then I expected them too and they are almost off!!!! In as little as 1year and 8 months!!!! I am beyond blessed and happy with my smile just like Dr. kofford wants for everyone!!!! Thank you for your amazing team and great work!!!!!
Jenna B.
18:13 07 Jan 20
Dr Kofford has treated my daughter for both phases of treatment. Her teeth look absolutely beautiful! Dr. Kofford made sure every little detail was perfect. Extremely happy with the outcome. Thank you so much Dr. Kofford and staff!
16:51 07 Jan 20
Everyone in the office is friendly, kind, and my daughter's teeth have made a huge improvement. Thank you so much!
Lauren L.
14:59 15 Nov 19
I’ve been going here since I was 10, and the experience has always been great! Dr. T and Dr.K are always so kind and knowledgeable as well as all the staff. I had some challenges, but they were able to easily find a fix! After years of having my braces off, I am so pleased with the results! Highly recommend this incredible staff! Thank you!
Kelly B.
22:38 31 Oct 19
Dr. Kofford and his staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Dr. Kofford has worked on three of our four children and has done a wonderful job caring for them and their teeth. He is personable and meticulous at what he does. Best orthodontist in town.
J B.
22:18 31 Oct 19
Thanks so much for making our smiles so pretty! We think you guys are the best.
Marleni C.
06:23 22 Oct 19
Dr. Horne was highly recommended by my boss. He is amazing! I am in the dental field and I was really impressed with Dr. Horne and his staff! They made me feel welcomed! They always take the time to answer all my questions and they are very informative! If you need braces or are thinking about getting braces, you should definitely come here.(: They exceeded all my expectations and gave me the confidence to smile.
Paige P.
18:52 07 Oct 19
Smiling Springs is a conveniently located facility, with a clean and welcoming environment. I am newer to the area and was in need of an orthodontist that could fit me in quickly and work with what I already had going on. Dr. Horne and staff were friendly, efficient and client centered. I appreciated their recommendations and ability to work with me.
Jim P.
16:28 02 Oct 19
Our daughter was told she needed braces by her standard dentist. Our consultation was quick and pleasant with Dr. Horne. The receptionist, Ashley, was kind, professional and very informative. They were able to turn our consultation into the administration of the braces same day. The environment is clean and nice. Highly recommend.
Christina W.
20:39 12 Sep 19
This office was incredibly well kept! Everything was nice and clean and the receptionist was very polite. Even after a misunderstanding about the pricing they worked with me to get it closer to what I was originally quoted and I am very grateful for that! I would definitely recommend this place and will go back if I ever need anything else done!
J W.
23:00 21 Aug 19
Smiling springs has been amazing! The entire staff is friendly, kind, professional and have been really amazing with my daughters braces. Best orthodontist in Colorado!
Gayle Van W.
22:02 21 Aug 19
Such a great experience super nice and polite would definitely come back
Garland W.
23:10 12 Aug 19
Just flew into town for vacation, my daughter had a minor emergency with her braces. Dr Horne was kind enough to see us after 5pm and spend time fixing the problem. The staff was great and very informative. Thank you so much SMILING SPRINGS. YOU SAVED US!
Sonia Z.
06:01 11 Aug 19
Dr. Horn is amazing, and his team provides excellent service!
Clara T.
21:18 08 Aug 19
A few weeks ago I notice that my front bottom teeth had been separating. Of course I freaked out since I had a lingual retainer and it wasn’t doing it’s job. After looking online for a while I came across Smiling springs orthodontics. I decided to take a chance and check them out! I’m so glad I did. Dr. Horne and his staff are very professional and kind which made this whole experience easier. Thanks to Dr. Horne I have my smile back!I definitely recommend them. You won’t be disappointed.
Matthew B.
19:49 24 Jul 19
Terrific group who helped reinstall a bracket while we were on vacation. Thank you!!
Catie K.
23:48 25 Jun 19
My son just got his braces yesterday and I have to say the process was a breeze! Dr. Horne and his team not only answered any of my questions, but also talked directly to my son putting his mind completely at ease! (He is 8) The office is clean, organized, and very welcoming. Going back for the next appointment will be no problem since we all felt so welcomed for the consultation and the braces!
Jared D.
15:32 04 Jun 19
Smiling Springs has been great to me. I made the rounds to 4-5 different offices and felt the most at home with Dr. Horne. I started a few months ago and they take such great care of me. My smile is looking so great!! Thank you Smiling Springs!
Wyatt Russell C.
22:47 24 May 19
Dr. Horne is Fantastic! They are always so friendly and nice. Dr. Horne tells me exactly how it is. I really appreciate the honesty. My treatment has been wonderful.
Julia W.
19:26 22 May 19
I loved my experience here! Everyone was so kind and helpful! It didn’t take very long either!!
Jackie E.
21:13 14 May 19
Dr. Horne is awesome! Smiling Springs Orthodontics has been so wonderful!
Alisiauna T.
14:38 30 Apr 19
The staff is amazing and they greet you with a smile each visit! For sure going to miss the staff! Thank you guys for fixing my smile!! 😁 I will recommend them to anyone!! 🤗❤️
Jacob A.
23:30 11 Apr 19
Ashley was very patient with me when arranging the appointment (my cellphone kept dropping connection), and was able to have everything ready to go and set for the very next day. Dr. Horne introduced himself to me right away and explained the options available after a brief examination, and Nina was fast, thorough, and open to feedback in her work. 5/5.
Amanda T.
21:59 11 Apr 19
We love this practice! Moved in from out of state so we felt lucky to have found a practice that could continue my son’s care and even enjoyed the experience here better than our original provider. Everyone is very welcoming and Dr. Horn is such a great resource when it comes to orthodontics. This is a great office and I very highly recommend them.
cheyenne W.
20:03 11 Apr 19
I went for impressions to be made so I could purchase new clear retainers for the top and bottom of my teeth. They had a very low price in comparison to other orthodontist in the area. It was a very quick trip, no waiting.
Bianca B.
05:45 10 Apr 19
I really wish I could give them more than 5 stars! We have recently moved to CO Springs from Denver and our orthodontist is still in Denver. We are nearing the end of my sons treatment so we just make the commute for regular appointments. Then this week the wire comes out of the brackets and it’s poking him badly and we can’t get up to Denver so I call around and Smiling Springs said to bring him in. They called my son’s orthodontist in Denver to find out about his treatment and then fixed the issue in just a few minutes and didn’t even charge us! They didn’t have to do any of that, and I appreciate them getting him in the same day and taking good care of my son with a comforting smile. If we ever need to make the switch this will be the place we come, hands down!! Everyone was so friendly and helpful and it’s a rare thing to find!! Thanks again!!!
Sheila G.
20:07 08 Mar 19
10/10! Would recommend to anyone looking for a great ortho office!!! I had an amazing experience! From the front desk to the assistant Nina who helped me with my fixed retainer and essix! Thank you Dr Horne!
Kayla C.
18:59 06 Mar 19
Convenient location and staff is very kind, helpful, and communicative!
Kristy S.
19:10 25 Feb 19
The staff and Dr are very friendly. They are very accommodating at rescheduling when I have had to cancel specific appt. The waiting room is home-like. Dr is very friendly and relates well to my teenager.
Renee M.
18:11 25 Feb 19
Very friendly and caring staff!!! Clean environment. Very educational in helping my daughter learn how to take care of her new braces!!!!
Sarah U.
21:47 13 Feb 19
Super quick and easy to get my retainer impressions!
N L.
02:04 23 Jan 19
Great orthodontist! My son has always been well taken care of!
Website L.
21:26 01 Dec 18
Great service. The staff are friendly and welcoming, and the dentist actually takes time to explain finer details to you. Highly recommend Smiling Springs.
Deanna Z.
20:27 26 Sep 18
Dr. Horne and his staff are all very knowledgeable and professional. They take the time to find out what we need and want most, and then meet those needs. They also create a friendly and comfortable environment. I'd definitely recommend them!
Katie Y.
22:16 19 Sep 18
Fantastic office! Dr. Horne and his staff are amazing!
Emily D.
00:03 18 Sep 18
Dr. Horn took over from Dr. Skelton. Our daughter saw Dr. Skelton and he was very good. Our son is currently seeing Dr. Horn and he is even better!Our son has anxiety and Dr. Horn has been great at working with him. Plus Dr. Horn offers all the best and most up to date treatment options.We actually brought our daughter back in to replace her old hawlley retainer (metal wire with a plastic piece on the roof of the mouth) with one of the more comfortable Invisalign style retainers.
19:57 06 Sep 18
This is definitely the best orthodontist office in the Springs. I compared different offices before deciding to visit Smiling Springs and I do not regret it. Ashley, the receptionist, was super welcoming, knowledgeable about pricing & efficient with scheduling. She got me an appointment the same day. Nina, the technician, showed she was experienced in her profession & friendly. The Orthodontist was also very patient answering questions. I would recommend this business to anyone looking for a great experience with orthodontia.
Whitney L.
00:48 06 Sep 18
Dr Horne and his staff at Smiling Springs Orthodontics are absolutely amazing! I called Tuesday with a broken retainer and was offered a same day appointment! Even over the phone I knew I had made the right choice to call Smiling Springs Orthodontics. Once in their office I was greeted with smiles and Dr Horne came and personal introduced himself and made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone needing orthodontic care.
Daniela M.
23:58 05 Sep 18
Probably the most pleasant experience I’ve had in an orthodontist office hands down! Dr. Horne was extremely pleasant, and friendly! My daughter is very quiet and shy, but he didn’t let that get in the way of providing her with excellent service. The office is very warm and inviting. They even have a “brush your teeth” area, equipped with double sinks, new tooth brushes, toothpaste, & mouth wash! There is also a video game area in case you have children to keep occupied! I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for dental work! You won’t be disappointed! 😉
20:51 05 Sep 18
I had my braces on for less then a year and the staff is amazing I would for sure recommend them for all your orthodontic needs.Zackary Beard
Kevin A.
19:57 20 Aug 18
We have had such a great experience with Dr. Horne and the staff at Smiling Springs. Our daughter has had a good experience every time she has had an appointment. They have also been incredibly accommodating when we have needed to reschedule. We would definitely recommend. 🙂
Jennifer S.
17:14 20 Aug 18
Smiling Springs Orthodontics is fantastic! Dr. Horne took time to explain everything to my son & I! He had a great bedside manner! All staff is super kind especially Ashely she always has a welcoming smile on her face. I definitely recommend this office to anyone!
21:21 09 Aug 18
It has been a pleasure working with Dr.Andrew Horne and his team and getting my smile back to almost perfect. Thank you for all your help and patience.
frankie L.
19:24 09 Aug 18
Great service and fast. Even has an area for my 7 year old to play while she waits for big sister.
Shawndell T.
19:21 09 Aug 18
Love love love this team! They’ve been so patient with me and my needs for treatment. Staff is friendly, and financing is a breeze!
Haley H.
16:50 09 Aug 18
Dr. Horne and his staff are absolutely amazing! I highy recommend using them for your orthodontic needs! They are friendly and professional. My son’s teeth are perfect!
Allen S.
16:11 09 Aug 18
Very friendly and helpful staff! I would suggest Smiling Springs Orthodontics to anybody looking for a good orthodontist!!!
Lindsay K.
21:09 08 Aug 18
We just left smiling springs orthodontics and couldn't be happier. Such an amazing friendly staff. Dr. Horne was very thorough with my son's dental needs and didn't leave us with any unanswered questions. Ashley at the front desk is super sweet and we even had a few little laughs. They have a little video game section for siblings who aren't being seen by the Dr. Which is very entertaining ( even for myself 😉 ) I would highly recommend this amazing group of people.
Mrs N
15:46 05 Aug 18
My son and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Smiling Springs Orthodontics. Being that this was our first exam, of course we didn’t know what to expect- but as soon as we arrived, we noticed a very clean and inviting office with a happy and extremely helpful receptionist. Being that I already filled out my paperwork online, Dr. Horne politely came out to introduce himself and immediately proceeded with my son’s exam. My other three children quietly waited in their kid friendly touch screen computer area, in which they also have children magazines to read as well. The exam roughly lasted an hour and he was very knowledgeable about my son’s condition and the treatment he needed. He was very dedicated in making sure we get a resolution to his issue, showing he cares. We can’t wait for our next visit.
Jesus L.
20:57 31 Jul 18
I had a great experience at smiling springs they treated me well and assured me that they would take care of me would 10/10 recommend
allie H.
21:39 25 Jul 18
The people here are so welcoming and they got to work right away. They answered all my questions and were honest. Definitely the best orthodontist for anyone looking
21:34 25 Jul 18
Our first visit and we will definately be back. My daughter is actually excited about braces!! Ashley has been very helpful in getting us in as we had some insurance issues. I recommend smiling springs for othodontics help.
David J.
23:36 23 Jul 18
Very friendly staff. Great environment. Excellent experience!
ellie A.
22:13 23 Jul 18
Smiling Springs Orthodontics has been SO amazing! Everyone in the office, including Ashley at the front desk, has been nothing but nice. The entire staff has done everything in their power to make my visits enjoyable. And I love my smile! Thanks Smiling Springs.
Nikki C.
20:16 23 Jul 18
My son has been coming here for over a year now and we absolutely LOVE it! All staff is so friendly and always so helpful when it comes to questions and scheduling. Everyone is so welcoming and kind that my son feels comfortable being in the back with staff while I wait in the waiting area (Usually he’s not like that!). Thank you for all you have done for our family! My sons teeth look amazing! P.s. the office always smells amazing! Haha!
Andy D.
16:50 23 Jul 18
Dr. Horne gave me a quick and painless experience. I had a great time here and I would come back any time.
Braxton D.
16:50 23 Jul 18
Overall was a nice experience. The front decks is very welcoming and when your appointment starts the doctor is willing to help you through the steps of what will happen and give you options based on what you want done.
Sarah D.
16:48 23 Jul 18
Very friendly staff and exceptional quality care! I highly recommend Dr. Horne and his office.
Michelle G.
14:55 24 Jun 18
Highly recommended! The staff is beyond awesome.
21:33 14 Jun 18
I always look forward to coming to my appointments, not only to see the progress of my teeth have made but because the staff is incredibly sweet and knowledgeable! id recommend Dr.Horne to anyone and everyone.
Brittany M.
19:45 14 Jun 18
I had a great experience with Dr. Horne and his amazing staff! They treat everyone with so much kindness, it makes getting dental work done that much easier! Clean environment and great results are a bonus!
Tiffany O.
19:17 14 Jun 18
Dr. Horne and his staff are fantastic! Always so helpful and kind. Thank you for doing what you guys do! I would recommend them to everyone!!! Keep up the good work!
Adventure T.
18:12 14 Jun 18
Dr. Horne and his staff are fantastic! As a Soldier, flexibility with my treatment was crucial. Dr. Horne and his team supported me through a deployment and a military move to ensure there was no break in my treatment. Highly recommended orthodontist! His staff and service is top notch and the best you'll find in Colorado Springs.
TTV _.
21:20 22 May 18
My journey to a straight smile has begun I'm so happy my dream is coming true !
Johanna M.
21:13 22 May 18
My son just told me his dream came true for a straight smile feeling blessed.
Tammy G.
18:39 09 May 18
My son has been going to Smiling Springs orthodontics for quite some time now and every single time has been a very nice experience! The whole staff there is always so pleasant to us! I would definitely recommend them!
Tyler D.
22:28 23 Apr 18
Dr. Horne and staff made my son and I feel at ease and informed about the process of getting his braces on. The office has state of the art equipment and is pleasant to visit. I would highly recommend Smiling Springs Orthodontics to anyone interested in braces.
Nicole M.
14:20 20 Apr 18
Dr. Kofford is AMAZING!!! The staff is always welcoming and friendly! I drive from Cañon City and it is always worth the drive! He is fast efficient. My son absolutely loves Dr. Kofford and his staff!!!
Josey A.
19:51 19 Apr 18
This is my second visit to Smiling Springs. I love it here. The staff is so amazing and helpful. I needed my retainer replaced and they replaced it quickly! It was so great! Thanks so much!
Ashley T.
16:32 11 Apr 18
I’m fortunate enough to work for Dr. Horne at Smiling Springs Orthodontics. He treated me for my lower arch and I couldn’t be happier! My teeth are perfect! I’m sooooooo happy with the results that he was able to accomplish in such a short amount of time! I recommend Smiling Springs Orthodontics to all my friends and family and I’m not just saying that because I work here.